Media Studio

Meta Quest Media Studio

A new media management and publishing pipeline from Meta Quest.


Meta Quest Media Studio is a new media management tool for immersive creators to upload, publish, and analyze VR-first content. From this single hub, creators can easily distribute their stories directly to VR, where VR content is best enjoyed, while also enabling out-of-headset content discovery.

Visual fidelity is given a high priority in this pipeline. We only accept high quality 4k+ 360 videos, 180 videos, and Quill creations that look good in VR.


Manage all immersive content in a single hub: A unified library view where you can view and manage all your uploaded content in one place.

  1. Pair 2D Trailers: Pair 2D rectilinear trailers with your immersive content to publish on 2D non-VR surfaces. These trailers are linked to the underlying immersive asset, which makes it easy to consume once Saved to VR from the Facebook News Feed or from your content permalink page.
  2. Link Pages: Link your Facebook Page to your Oculus Organization to optimize distribution of content based on your target surface.
  3. Publish to VR: Media Studio allows you to publish to Meta Quest TV (Meta Quest VR headsets). Quill creations also have the chance to get curated in Quill Theater (Meta Quest (Meta Quest VR devices)).
  4. Analytics: Understand your audience by getting access to consumption insights such as the amount of time viewers spend watching your meida item in headset.

Account setup Instructions:

  1. Log in to your Oculus account. If you don’t have one, you can create one by navigating to and clicking Sign Up or choosing to continue with your Facebook account. Take note of your Meta Quest username, which is different from the email address that you use to log in.
  2. Link your Oculus account to your Facebook account. You will need to download the Meta Quest mobile app on your mobile device. If you do not have a Facebook account, you will need to create one at
  3. Go to Select the option for a single-user access account or the option for a multi-user access account.
    • If you select the multi-user access account, you will be taken to to create a new Oculus Organization. Then, you will be taken back to Media Studio to complete the account setup process. This Organization will be your new team, where you can add and remove other Meta Quest users as members. For an organization member to access Media Studio, they must be an Admin or Editor of the organzation. At any point in time, you can return to and click on Manage in the left side menu to manage your Organization.
  4. Fill in and submit the Sign Up form to finish creating your account.
  5. That's it! Once you've gone through the above steps, you should be able to access Media Studio.


The media is suitable for watching in a VR headset.

  • The resolution of the video must be at least 4K.
  • The media does not induce motion sickness by being shaky or having too much accelerated motion.
  • The media contains content that is suitable for a wide audience.
  • The media must comply with the Conduct in VR Policy and the Facebook Community Standards.
  • The media contains an original narrative or shares a unique experience.
  • If the media is an advertisement, it must have value as a standalone piece of content.

File Specifications:

How to Upload a Media Item:


  • This will take you to the main Composer view. Click Upload Media in the center of the page, or drag and drop your media file into the dahsed box to start uploading


Media Details

  • Add a title and description.



  • Upload a thumbnail for your media item.
  • Upload a banner for your Media Description Page (Optional).
  • Upload a thumbnail for your video or trailer when it is shared to your Facebook page (Optional).


Trailer (Optional)

  • You can upload a 2D trailer for your video. If present, this video will display when a 2D video is more appropriate, such as when posting to your Facebook page and on the Media Description Page.
  • Select "Upload 2D Trailer" to upload your 2D trailer video.
  • Add a title and description for your trailer.



  • In this section, you can select the Facebook page you want to post to. You can change post settings, as well. Please select all that is applicable to your upload.
  • To be able to post to Facebook News Feed, you must first connect a Facebook page to your Oculus Organization at This feature is not available to User Creators yet.
  • For Quillustration Upload, the "Post Entire Video" option will not be supported.


  • Unlisted posts are posts which won’t show up in VR in Meta Quest TV, but will still have a Media Description Page that allows users to save the content to their headset. Note that posts which are marked as unlisted cannot be changed back to Public.
  • Selecting "Save as Draft" will allow only other people in your Oculus Organization to preview and review the content in headset. The draft content will show up under "Media Studio - My Videos" shelf in the Meta Quest TV application on Go.



  • In headset preview, this preview will appear in the Meta Quest Library, if your video was surfaced or if a user saves your video to their library.
  • Facebook preview: this preview will appear on your Facebook page, if you post the video to Facebook.
  • Once you have viewed your video and are ready to publish, please select the "Complete Upload" button on top right of the page and you are done.


For Meta Quest users:

If users 'Save to VR' from your content Media Description Page, it will show up in their Meta Quest Library in Home.

If you have any questions, please email: