Uploading Quill Creations

to Oculus Media Studio

This step by step guide will help you upload your Quill Creation to Oculus Media Studio, where you will be able to surface it to viewers in Oculus TV and publish it as a shareable web link.

What is Oculus Media Studio?

Oculus Media Studio is a media management tool for immersive creators to upload, publish, and analyze VR-first content. From this single hub, creators can easily distribute their stories directly to VR, where VR content is best enjoyed, while also enabling out-of-headset content discovery.

With Oculus Media Studio, you can:

  1. Manage all immersive content in a single hub: A unified library view where you can view and manage all your uploaded content in one place.
  2. Pair 2D Trailers: Pair 2D rectilinear trailers with your immersive content to publish on 2D non-VR surfaces. These trailers are linked to the underlying immersive asset, which makes it easy to consume once Saved to VR from the Facebook News Feed or from your content permalink page.
  3. Link Pages: Link your Facebook Page to your Oculus Organization to optimize distribution of content based on your target surface.
  4. Publish to VR: Media Studio allows you to publish to Oculus TV (Oculus Quest). Quill creations also have the chance to get curated in Quill Theater (Oculus Rift, Quest).
  5. Analytics: Understand your audience by getting access to consumption insights such as the amount of time viewers spend watching your video in headset.

Why use Oculus Media Studio?

As a creator, Oculus Media Studio gives you the power to manage and distribute your Quill Creation to a platform of aggregated VR content and then to Quest consumers. Not only will you be able to share your VR creations as they are intended to be experienced, you’ll have the ability to acquire followers within the Quest community.

Learn more about Oculus Media Studio:

Uploading your Quill Creations

To upload your Quill Creations, you will need to follow the three main steps below.

Step 1: Set Up Your Account In Oculus Media Studio

  1. In Quill, open the Documents panel and click on the Oculus icon to open the upload flow.

  2. Link your Oculus account to your Facebook account. You will need to download the Oculus mobile app on your mobile device. If you do not have a Facebook account, you will need to create one at www.facebook.com.
  3. Go to creator.oculus.com/manage/mediastudio and select the option for a multi-user access account.
    • You will be taken to dashboard.oculus.com/organizations/create to create a new Oculus Organization. This Organization will be your new team, where you can add and remove other Oculus users as members. For an organization member to access Media Studio, they must be an Admin or Editor of the organization. At any point in time, you can return to dashboard.oculus.com and click on Manage in the left side menu to manage your Organization.
    • IMPORTANT: You can name your Organization anything you want, but we suggest you pick a name that includes your own name (i.e. John Smith Art) since this is the only way your name will be associated with your work and displayed during playback.
  4. After successfully creating an Oculus organization, you will be taken back to Media Studio to complete the account setup process. Now you will need to complete the Sign Up form. Make sure that you chose the multi-user access account option and are signing up with the organization you just created. Fill out the form and click the submit button to finish creating your account.
  5. Once you've gone through the above steps, you should be able to continue with the Quill upload flow (Step 2) and access the Media Studio Library.

Step 2: Prepare your Upload Assets

Step 2 is dependent on the completion of Step 1 above.

Project Requirements

In Quill, you must meet all requirements before you can continue the Upload process. Quill will flag places to fix in order to help you with the upload process.

Requirements include the following:

  • Save your file.
    • Go to the Save File tab, in the Documents Panel, and save your Quill Creation.
  • Capture or upload a poster image when saving your file.
    • Capture your thumbnail in the save file tab in the Documents Panel.
  • Reset Root Folder Transform in the Transform Panel.
    • To reset transform for your root folder first make sure you have transform selected on the root folder layer. Then go to the Transform Panel and tap the “Reset Transform” button.
  • Export at least one Spawn Area.
    • By default it will export the spawn area set to “initial Spawn Area". You can choose additional spawn areas to be exported.
  • All Spawn Areas must have a thumbnail image.
    • To add a Spawn Area thumbnail image go to the Timeline and tap on a Spawn Area layer’s icon to open its settings. From the Spawn Area settings panel you may capture and save a thumbnail. Repeat this process for all the Spawn Areas in your Quill Creation.
  • Make sure your file is “Mobile VR Ready” in the Performance Panel.
    • Go to the Performance Panel and follow the recommendations to help optimize your Quill Creation. Refer to the dynamic performance bars to see how your file is performing. If all the performance bars are green, then your file is “Mobile VR Ready.”
    • If the bar is yellow, it means that your Quill Creation might not perform at frame rate on a mobile headset.
    • If the bar is red, you will not be able to upload your Quill Creation.
    • For optimal results your project should not exceed these performance limits:
      • File Size: 1 GB
      • Draw Calls: 40
      • Triangles: 1 Million
  • Set up your Oculus Media Studio account and make sure it's linked to your Facebook account.
Project Info

Make sure to fill out a title and description. Tap on the input field and use the keyboard to input your information. You’ll also be able to change this from your desktop with a real keyboard later!

  • If you have more than one organization you may tap on the Organization button to cycle through your different organizations.
  • Make sure that the thumbnail you capture works both for 16:9 and 1:1 cropped format. You can also upload a thumbnail from your PC (resolution 1920x1080 pixels)
  • You may preview your project before continuing. In Preview Mode, you may review how your project will look during playback on a mobile headset.
Upload Project

The Upload step is a final check before you upload your Quill Creation to Oculus Media Studio. If you are unsure, or need to make edits, then you may tap the “Back” button and return to the Info step. You may also edit your upload info once you are in Oculus Media Studio.

If you are happy with everything then you may tap “Upload.”

A prompt will display letting you know your upload was successful.

Tap the “Open OMS Library” button to open an Oculus Media Studio tab in your browser.

Step 3: Publish from Media Studio

Manage uploads
Project Details
  • Click on the desired Quill Creation from the list.
  • The “View Oculus Page” button will take you to the project description page page, which allows you to test via “Save to VR” where you can find your project in your Quest Library in the “Saved” tab.
    Note: This functionality currently only works for Quest, if you don’t own a Quest please proceed with the next steps.
  • On this page you can also delete your post or edit details.
  • Select “Edit Details.”
  • Here you can change the title and description of your Quill Creation and select “Next.“
  • You can edit the thumbnail you took in Quill here 1920x1080 pixels (optional).
Video Trailer (Optional)
  • You can upload a 2D trailer for your Quill Creation, which will be shown on the Product Description page (aka PDP page).
  • Select "Add Trailer" to upload your 2D trailer video.
  • Add Title and Description to the Trailer and hit “Next.” If you decide to post to Facebook then this title and description will appear in the post.
  • To be able to post to Facebook News Feed, you must first connect a Facebook page by going to https://creator.oculus.com/manage/mediastudio/ (optional).
  • Selecting "Save as Draft" will allow only other people in your Oculus Organization to preview and review the Quill Creation.
  • To publish your Quill Creation change selection from “Save as Draft” to “Publish”.
  • Select the “Next” button.
  • On the preview page select the "Publish" button and you are done.

For Oculus Quest users:

If users 'Save to VR' from your content Media Description Page, it will show up in their Oculus Library in Home.

For Oculus Rift users:

Your uploads will show up in Quill Theater

  • in the ‘My Drafts’ section for draft content
  • in the ‘My Uploads’ section for published content
  • in the ‘Saved’ section if users ‘Save to VR’ from your content Media Description Page

If you have any questions, please email: Media-Support@Oculus.com