Media Studio

Rectangular Video Requirements

File Type / Container.mp4
Supported Formats2D Monoscopic
3D Stereoscopic Left-right
Frame RateRecommended 30fps or 60fps, minimum 23fps
Pixel FormatYuv 420p
Recommended DurationUp to 30 minutes at 3840 resolution or 15 minutes at 5760 resolution and above. Longer videos may experience longer processing times.
BitrateRecommended 25-60 Mbps
File SizeUp to 10GB. Larger file sizes may experience longer upload and processing times.
Stereo AudioAAC 128-384 kbps (>192 kbps recommended)
Resolution2D Monoscopic: minimum 1280x720, recommended max 1920x1080
3D Stereoscopic Left-right: minimum 2560x720, recommended max 3840x1080
Display Aspect Ratio (DAR)Must match video container aspect ratio
Pixel Aspect Ratio (SAR)1:1