Learn: All Things VR

Once your ideas for VR begin to take shape, learn from experienced VR producers and industry experts on how to bring them to life.

Designing for VR

We've gathered best practices through our firsthand experience creating VR content. The Oculus Best Practices Guide is a great start to learning more about VR and ensuring you create a safe and enjoyable VR experience.

Spatial Audio in VR

Spatial audio is a powerful way to fully immerse people in your experience and direct action via sound. A huge part of audience attention can be directed with audio cues and a fully immersive experience requires a detailed spatial audio mix. Learn how to use spatial audio in 360 videos, VR games and applications with our in-depth guide to Spatial Audio for Cinematic VR and 360 Videos.

VR Production & Workflow

The planning, budget management, production, development, post-production, marketing and all the other amazing talents that go into VR production and workflow can be complex. We've asked experienced VR producers to share their best practices on producing VR content and managing complex projects from start to finish.

What It Means to Be a VR Producer

Yelena Rachitsky, Executive Producer at Oculus, has worked on award winning narratives including Dear Angelica and CocoVR. In this Q&A interview she breaks down what it means to be a VR producer.

Oculus at Sundance: Shattering Narrative Conventions

Colum Slevin, Head of Experiences at Oculus, shares his learnings on producing narrative content in VR at Sundance 2018.

Shooting 360 Video

Whether you're new to 360 or an experienced professional looking to refine your skills, our documentation in collaboration with Radiant Images, Jaunt and Supersphere will teach you to produce high quality, cinematic VR content and live streams using 360 cameras.

360 Camera Technology Overview

Our friends at Radiant Images provide an overview of the VR camera market today and discuss how camera technology is rapidly evolving to serve the needs of VR creators.

The Cinematic VR Field Guide

The first of a four part series from Jaunt on best practices for shooting 360 video. Here they breakdown VR basics and types of HMDs and cameras on the market.

Producing Livestreamed VR & 360 Content

VR technology elevates the livestream experience, making it more immersive and effective than ever before. Supersphere shares a few things they've learned through their work with brands like Disney and Goldenvoice.

VR Glossary

The language of VR is growing and building. We'll keep this handy VR Glossary updated with key 360 and VR terms.

VR Developers

Are you a VR Developer? We have a robust center that includes all the documentation, downloads, support and programs you'll need to develop your VR experience. Head to the Oculus Developer Center to download the Oculus SDK and get started.