Reorienting and Stabilizing 360 video in Mocha Pro

Reorienting and Stabilizing 360 video in Mocha Pro

Moving camera shots using drones, rovers or cable systems may require stabilization in post-production. Mocha Pro can provide both horizon leveling and reorientation of shots as shown in these reference videos.

Stabilizing - Reorienting with Mocha Pro HERO

Steve Cooper on set with rover and VR camera Image: Spencer Lindsay

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Updated 12/14/2022


Mocha Pro is a planar tracker with support for both rectilinear and immersive video, and works best for 360 shots where the horizon is visible and there are clearly trackable elements visible in the frame. For example, when filming on a boat or stabilizing drone footage, it is easy to track some of the clouds in the sky and reorient the horizon. Mocha Pro's tracking works well when elements of the shot do not disappear, as this causes the tracking to fail. It is also performs best when there is a consistent horizon line for it to reference.

These videos below were produced using an earlier version, Mocha VR, but the fundamentals and primary features are still applicable in the current version, Mocha Pro.

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