Oculus Go: A Perfect Media and Entertainment Device

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Posted by Isabel Tewes
May 9, 2018

This year at F8 Isabel Tewes, Developer Strategist at Oculus, discussed how to design for media and entertainment experiences on Oculus Go.

Creators who are pushing forward the medium of 360 video and rendered 3D worlds are innovating at breakneck speed. But there's always been a need for people to see these creations. We didn't have an easy and affordable way to enjoy these experiences and stories . . . until now. Oculus Go delivers an easy way to transport yourself to the world that someone else creates, and there's an unbelievable power in this. For both the consumer and the creators.

In my talk at F8 “Oculus Go: Designing for Media and Entertainment,” I compare this new headset to early versions of the radio. Just like the radio slowly changed the way that people received information, entertained themselves en masse, and discovered the beauty of music broadcast from around the world, I believe media and entertainment on Oculus Go will mark a new opportunity for VR media and entertainment apps.

I cover some inspiring stats from our mobile VR ecosystem, run through a few examples of types apps launching on Oculus Go, as well as some design concepts and methods of distribution for any developer or creator considering joining the growing VR ecosystem.

Take a look!

Isabel, Developer Strategy